Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Factors Contributing to Erectile Dysfunction

According to the best Sexologist in Delhi, erectile dysfunction is a common sexual condition among men that may lower their sexual desire and affect their relationship with their partner as well. There can be both psychological and physical factors that can contribute to the condition. Thus, ED is a very common condition in men as they age. However, certain Erectile Dysfunction treatment in Delhi are available that can help the patient to fight and overcome the disorder and pleasure their partner just like ever before. 

Factors contributing to ED are:

·        Age – as mentioned above, man’s age plays a crucial role to develop an inability to sustain an erection

·        Vascular problems – as an erection occurs as the blood flow to the penis, therefore, men with vascular problem where there is not sufficient blood flows to the penis, a man may experience impotence or erectile dysfunction

·         Health conditions – certain health conditions like diabetes and blood pressure can lower a sexual sensation

·       Alcohol and drug usage – basically, alcohol, smoking, and drug consumption already leads to numerous health complications and so does to impotence as well. 

·       Protective barriers – for some people, condoms and other precaution methods work as a sexual barrier because they experience low sensation during the intercourse with the partner
·      Medications – certain medications and prescribed drugs such as antidepressants, narcotics, and heart medications may decrease the sexual desire that results in no or less erection.
·        Stress and anxiety – this is the most common factor and almost every man has experienced ED at some point in their life due to specific stress and anxiety. This can be due to work stress, relationship conflicts, long-term disease, death of close ones, sexual performance in bed, etc.

Types of ED:

Nervous system, muscles, blood vessels, hormones, and emotions can also play affect the erection. Hence, a man can be a candidate of erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi for not experiencing any of the types of erection: 

·         reflexive (occurs due to physical stimulation)
·         psychogenic (occurs due to mental or visual associations)
·         nocturnal (usually occurs during nap time)

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